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Voice / Data Credit

Why Choose Us

Telfoni is a mobile operator in the UK, Launched in 2013 offering the latest mobile services, solution and data services to all its customers in the United Kingdom.

We continuously aspire to offer the ultimate in voice calling and high speed data connectivity, that will satisfy the most discriminating mobile traveller standards anywhere in the world, at the best rate possible for such service.

Our superb CLI Caller-ID international voice terminations are among the best in the industry, combined with our 4G Lte data/ internet services, our users got the best of two worlds at a very competitive price with the freedom of pay as you go model.

What more you could ask for ?

At Telfoni we simply care more.


Telfoni to Telfoni calls are Free Any UK Mobile from 4 penny


UK 8 penny, International 12 penny

International Rates

International Calls Prices